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'Spikeopathy' does not explain the 'novel' symptoms associated with COVID-19

Policy Review: Covid Vaccines

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Intelligent artifice

The problem with centralisation

Does New York City 2020 Make Any Sense?

WATCH: How Medicine Lost Its Way: The Abandonment of Medical Ethics

Worldwide Covid Mortality Patterns

WATCH: Pandemic in Paradise: the pandemic response in Hawai’i

Actuarial and statistical problems around the Covid phenomen

Covid mortality patterns in the USA

Covid and Climate Change: A tale of two global crises

WATCH: "The people" will not save us

WATCH: Understanding the challenges in manufacturing and distributing products derived from living things (biologics)

Cockup or Conspiracy? Understanding COVID-19 as a ‘Structural Deep Event’

WATCH: Patterns of Deception and Deviance in the Post-Truth Period

Standing up for science

WATCH: Never again is now global

WATCH: Coverup strategies for bioweapons accidents: A case study on the Lyme disease outbreak

Tactics for shutting down debate: Pandemic Preparedness narratives in the UK Parliament

WATCH: Toward a New York City Hypothesis

The British public challenge ceding of sovereignty to World Health Organization

‘De-Growth’ is the latest excuse for central economic planning

‘The People’ Will Not Save Us – Perhaps We Need Machiavelli’s Lions

WATCH: Where did the flu go?

One Health, holistic medicine, and the poisoning of minds

WATCH: Analysis of Covid Vaccine Safety in the Netherlands

The WHO, sovereignty, and reality

Closing remarks at the launch of the Trust & Freedom citizens’ initiative at the European Parliament, 4 July 2023

Did lockdowns save the world from Covid doom?

Transhumanism and the Philosophy of the Elites

Was SARS-CoV-2 entirely novel or particularly deadly?

Did side effects from the Covid shots cause any excess mortality?

A timely message to legislators regarding WHO and health emergencies

WATCH: Is Society caught up in a Death Spiral?

WHO’s updated abortion care guideline and its implications for Member States

How many lives were actually saved by Covid vaccines?

WATCH: EMA Periodic Safety Update Report & Pfizer’s pregnancy & lactation review

The Serpent and the Staff

Are vaccines safe in pregnancy, and Pfizer’s hidden data

What the Diamond Princess tells us about NYC in Spring 2020

Dr Mercola: WHO Prepares Global Takeover

It is impossible that the vaccines saved 14 million lives in 2021

WHO’s pandemic preparedness agenda - a world divided

Further alternative explanations for excess deaths other than a novel deadly virus spreading from Wuhan

Covid and the Cult of Technology: Revisiting Heidegger and McLuhan after 2020

WATCH: Quality Issues with mRNA Covid Vaccine Production

In defence of alternative explanations for excess deaths other than a novel deadly virus spreading from Wuhan

WATCH: The Gift of the Covid Event: A Revelation of the Illusion of Popular Sovereignty

The bioweapons bore

WATCH: States of Emergency: Keeping the global population in check

The Morality Pill

WATCH: The Deafening Silencing of Dr Robert Malone

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