P.-H. Lambert, D. M. Ambrosino, S. R. Andersen et al., Consensus summary report for CEPI/BCMarch 12–13, 2020 meeting: Assessment of risk of disease enhancement with COVID-19 vaccines, Vaccine.

"Of course, disadvantages include the novel nature of both mRNA and DNA vaccines without any licensed vaccine with either technology to date and lack of experience for mass production."

Within 9 months of the above, the UK was rolling out industrially scaled up jabs population wide.

My bet is that everything was already quite well in place (CEPI).

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Re. characterization of spike protein supposedly produced, around minute 14:00 of M. Gutschi on rumble: "How close is it to the Wuhan spike protein? ...They tried to look at the expression of the spike protein. It doesn't tell me how accurate it is, how close it is to the original. ... I don't know if anyone has actually seen the spike protein produced by the mRNA. It has not been sequenced... nor have we had a really good western blot regarding that spike protein production". So it hasn't been characterized as some claim, or it has but it's proprietary info. as manufacturer claims.

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Quality issues... my a$$

These injections are bioweapons, nothing less.. there's no 'quality issue' with them.

Stop finding excuses for the genocidal maniacs.

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What astounds me is that so many medical professionals are coming to these conclusions so desperately late in the day. Where were they, when all of us lay-people were demanding answers two and a half ago?? Sorry. I have genuine credibility issues with the medics who were asleep at the wheel.

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