Covid must one be the greatest hoax ever perpetrated by Governments on the worlds public ever.

One needs to realise from whence it comes. The UN. Yes, the UN is nothing more than a Lucifarian cult. The church is the WEF.

That is a fact. - see here United Nations NGO Lucifer Publishing (now Lucis Trust) declares May 23rd as World Invocation of the Antichrist Day!- https://www.lucistrust.org/productions/the_festival_of_humanity_video

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On the subject of 'misinformation', see this recently published article on JAMA:

“Inoculation” to Resist Misinformation: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/2818667



The global spread of false and misleading information poses serious threats to public health by promoting vaccine hesitancy, non–evidence-based therapies (eg, “natural” remedies), and even the refusal of life-saving medical treatment such as monoclonal antibodies.1,2 A prominent response from the medical community has been to debunk false information. This article underscores why preventing the spread of misinformation is often more effective than trying to correct it after it has already spread. This can be done by leveraging “prebunking”—preemptively refuting false information—through psychological inoculation.


So, "This article underscores why preventing the spread of misinformation is often more effective than trying to correct it after it has already spread."

This all depends upon correctly identifying the source of 'misinformation'...e.g. treacherous governments in thrall to the vaccine industry and globalists intent on injecting and controlling the population.

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Comments are very circular on all these articles. They all have the same theme. Heres all the evidence. But why were they doing this? There is a lack of coherent explanation in articles and comments about this.

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Because they have a history of confirming to fascist governments?!?😳🤔😵. Or perhaps it’s in their National mass formation mindset?😳🤭

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All true, all shocking, all obscenely immoral...and yet the guiltiest of all were the compliant. No one rules if no one obeys. "Covid" was a moral pop quiz and 80% or more of humanity failed catastrophically. It was never necessary to know the first thing about virology, immunology, epidemiology, coronaviruses, ARR/RRR, or pandemics. It was necessary only to know that human beings aren't the means to each other's ends.

You're scared of a virus? You believe the lies of lying liars with track records of lying their asses off? That's your problem to address without dragging anyone else into it. But a certain type of person chomped like a bass on the very idea of concentration camps for the recalcitrant, forced injections, slave muzzles, and two-tiered societies, and it wouldn't have mattered what the pretext was for implementing those things: They'd have gone along with it no matter what because ultimately they love coercion (of themselves and others) more than they fear any virus.

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Very interesting research. This has bumped my understanding of the centre of gravity of the deep state preparation for the faked pandemic and the response to what they were creating.

Important to note that Christian Drosten was a key advisor to Merkel for years before the faked pandemic.

He was also absolutely critical in establishing in the public mind the essential falsehood that “asymptomatic transmission” of this non existent new illness. He was on TV, he was in the newspapers.

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More logs for the fire...

The more time that passes, the more we realize it was all a scam. A wonderfully executed, well-funded, supported-by-the-establishment, publicized-by-the-correct-media-outlets, profitable-as-hell-to-many, scam. Note, I am not saying that some oak-paneled room was full of Snidely Whiplash mustache twirlers. I am saying that a ton of folks made a ton of money, realizing that the low energy path would lead to the clusterf*ck that was the Great Covid Debacle. I am also saying that there was absolutely, positively, no pandemic, i.e., no need to declare an emergency due to risk of an E.L.E. based upon the (supposed) SAR-CoV-2 virus. I also must admit that nothing currently in place prevents these same assholes from pulling the same thing in the future. Spoiler Alert: pFauci is still getting awards and interviews!

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Lockdowns are essential for the @alternate@ delivery system to be effective. Read more here https://truth613.substack.com/p/part-2-worried-about-the-water-secret

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A bunch of pointy heads -- with degrees in politics, heading a supposed "public health crisis" response? Way to put "your best people" on the case.

The fact that the people placed in positions of power surrounding the COVID-19 response, were absolutely unqualified and political science majors, is all you really need to know.

If the German government were serious about the COVID-19 response, they would have, at least what appears to be, qualified people in charge. But they didn't. Because COVID-19 was never a public health crisis.

COVID-19 was a test to see how much government mandated nonsense people would put up with. The test was successful. People were cowed into giving up their rights with little effort on the side of government. Most tragically people gave up their agency and control of their own bodies. By submitting to government pressure, they effectively sold their souls.

However, the *real* test is, how will the people respond, once a sufficient number realize that COVID-19 was never a public health crisis?

That's the phase we're in now.

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In Australia, there were widespread vaccine mandates, ‘No Jab, No Job’ to ‘No Jab, No Life’.

For example, in September 2021, in the state of Victoria, then premier Daniel Andrews announced there would be a ‘vaccinated economy’, and to participate in that economy you had to be vaccinated.

These mandates really impacted most seriously on working people.

The most shocking thing was the medical ‘profession’ collaborated with the mandates - they knew people were under duress to comply and submit to the jabs, they should have known this violated voluntary informed consent, but they still went along with it and injected people who were cornered by the mandates.

It was despicable…

I provide a hypothetical scenario in this article: "Doctor, I don't want the vaccine." What happens next? https://elizabethhart.substack.com/p/doctor-i-dont-want-the-vaccine

Also see: Coercion, intimidation and mandates preclude voluntary informed consent for vaccination. There has been no valid consent for COVID-19 vaccination: https://elizabethhart.substack.com/p/coercion-intimidation-and-mandates

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Indeed. Australia probably had it the worst of any NATO country, as it comes to police state action.

Here in the US one study found that the original COVID-19 vaccine trial participants weren't even properly informed!


On a side note, I still get emails from senator Malcom Roberts. Only I don't live in Australia, but I've never been there. I'm not sure how they're getting to me, but I do check them out.

How do you feel about that guy? He seems to be pretty anti-jab from what I can tell.

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It was diabolical in Australia…mandated medical interventions in a supposed ‘free’ country - what a travesty!

There’s so much talk about adverse events after vaccination, but little recognition as yet for the political damage caused by the mandates, the theft of personal autonomy and bodily integrity.

It was also shocking to see how many of the fearful so easily disregarded the freedom of others to make their own choices, they really bought the idea that others should be injected to protect them.

Older baby boomers were the worst, they’d sacrifice the natural immunity of their own grandchildren to protect themselves… Many of them were comfortable in their spacious leafy homes during ‘lockdown’, probably with nary a thought for those trapped in small inner city apartments.

Not many people coming out of this shambles smelling of roses…

PS: Thanks for the link.

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Absolutely. The scariest part was the people. The regular people who were so hard-core and in your face about "just get the vaccine."

It completely ran the gamut too. It was all walks of people who were pushing it. Many people you would have imagined wouldn't.

The messed up thing is that COVID-19 response was already scripted a few years before any of this started.

Have you seen The SPARS Pandemic Scenario? I found out that I can embed files on Substack. There's actually two different version of the document, one is the original, the other is from UCF (University of Central Florida) Take a look at this mess!


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Who sits in the office above the WHO's and Billie Gates' offices?

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At the top is a corporate cartel with weaponized piles of money.. while this 2017 Swiss Policy Research org chart is centered on media it is a close approximation of the hierarchy.


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Nobody had cause to lockdown

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Very interesting!

Is there an article by Schreyer detailing “the US pandemic-management scene” and the Covid response in English speaking countries?

His lecture on pandemic simulation games was excellent.


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Why did ANY country lockdown without cause?

So many pieces of this puzzle to pick over now...

For instance the Five Eyes countries which have been so instrumental in this deliberately manufactured crisis - the US, the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

The dystopian response in these countries was off the scale, particularly as these are supposed to be the 'free' countries... So what the hell was going on?!?!?

This was the most shocking situation, 'our own governments' were, and still are, our enemy - how discombobulating is that?!? The political parties and institutions have been captured - "we penetrate zee cabinets" as admitted by Klaus Schwab: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOuLQDRCexs

In Australia, federal and state 'emergency laws' were used to disenfranchise the people - it was incredible! Practically overnight everyone was blindsided by the 'PHEIC' aka FAKE 'emergency', and left prey to being incarcerated in their homes, only allowed out with permission; tested on demand; masked/muzzled; isolated from friends and family; and placed under surveillance, all towards the ultimate goal of making people submit to repeated vaccination...against a disease it was admitted from the beginning wasn't a serious threat to most people, while also promoting the message 'we're not safe until we're all safe'.


But why? WHY?!?!? Yes, we know there are sinister reasons, but it was out there in plain sight that this was no real crisis... As well as the WHO admitting 'COVID-19' wasn't a serious threat for most people, substacker DemocracyManifest recently discovered a video of a media event held on 5 March 2020 with US 'Military Medical Leaders', when infectious disease expert Nelson Michael says "this still remains a low risk infection...even in the absence of a vaccine". (See: https://elizabethhart.substack.com/p/a-low-risk-infection-even-in-the)

This bombshell admission appears to have gone completely unnoticed by the journalists present.

Crikey! A low risk infection!!! So what could justify a global mass population vaccine response against a 'low risk infection'?!?!? IT WASN'T JUSTIFIABLE!

It's UNBLOODYBELIEVABLE what they did to us, and what people went along with, because they were deliberately mis/disinformed and terrorised by 'the authorities'.

So much to look back on now and investigate...this biggest crime of all time.

For starters, why did then Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison call the pandemic before the WHO in February 2020?* Was this another 'vaccine hub' in the planning, beating up 'the virus' threat to develop a massive lucrative vaccine market, grossly exploiting the people on the basis of a 'low risk infection'?

* Australia declares coronavirus will become a pandemic as it extends China travel ban, The Guardian, 27 February 2020: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/feb/27/australia-declares-coronavirus-will-become-a-pandemic-as-it-extends-china-travel-ban

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I’ve known this since March 2020. The realisation arose from knowing with an absolute certainty as a career senior scientist that massed quarantining the healthy aka “lockdown”, a control procedure from the American prison system, would neither be helpful nor free of severe consequences on the health of the nation as well as its economy.

I knew this didn’t feature in the emergency response plan on guide in any country.

Yet all countries locked down.

If anyone is looking for evidence of a supranational plot, this is it.

There’s so much more, but this ties in exactly with Paul Schreyer’s shocking documentary “Pandemic Simulations: preparation for a new era?”

You’ll find it on YouTube and your heart will go to your boots, when you appreciate they’ve been rehearsing this scenario for 25 years, starting in America at Andrews Airforce Base in the 1990s.

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by Feb 4, 2020, at 5 "cases" and zero deaths, the DOD had declared a national security threat "emergency" creating the (faux) legal gateway for the rest of the scam in the US. The coordinated launch of this antihuman campaign was clearly globally orchestrated by people above the pay grade of "national" puppet "leaders."

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May 8·edited May 8

Excellent breakdown and analysis. One researcher hypothesized early on that the reason for strict lockdowns in major cities was to allow the military to search for hidden terrorist weapons of mass destruction. Could the weapons have actually come from the sky in the form of toxic aerosol sprays ? Also, does "BioNTech’s mRNA manufacturing facility in Marburg" have any relationship to the Marburg virus ?

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It does. It's the very facility that was at the origin of the Marburg virus outbreak. It also has a quite infamous history under the Third Reich. See my article here: https://dailysceptic.org/2023/06/14/green-monkeys-you-say-biontechs-vaccine-production-facility-was-site-of-marburg-virus-outbreak/. I will write more at some point about the history of the facility under the Third Reich....

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Thank you for this info and link. Looking forward to the upcoming history of Marburg.

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May 8Liked by PANDA

Now all that, Robert, is very, very interesting. These points and the overall aspect are not known or covered enough. I knew a couple or three of the points you raise, but most of this has passed me by. Lots of food for thought here, especially in the context of no actual pandemic. Thank you.

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