Thanks for another important contribution that hopefully continues to awaken awareness and thoughtful responses to the prevailing fraud of much in the mainstream


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Thanks Panda. A clear & concise exposure of the scam's progress at the art of taking over the world by the back door.

Appreciate this next bit may have zero relevance to the article. Just intrigued by Nick Hudson's accent.

As a 70 year old "colonial brat" from Uganda. I hear a colonial lilt in his accent. Possibly Kenya, Rhodesia or South African? Thanks. 1Love!


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La OMS hauria de desaparèixer, és un gran perill i amenaça.

El món necessita institucions independents q no estiguin controlades ni pels estats, les corporacions o els milionaris "altruïstes"

The WHO should disappear, it is a great danger and threat.

The world needs independent institutions that are not controlled by states, corporations or "altruistic" millionaires

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Great work from Panda....but to be honest, I think you are being waaay to polite with these THUGS. I said this previously in other posts and will say it again: the WH(hate)O will keep changing the narrative and morph their agendas into whatever reformat they can cook up, to constantly harass, stymie and frustrate counter narratives until they get what they want. I do not understand HOW Ghebreyesus has not been arrested as well as Von Kerhove and, no doubt, others. Their lies are criminal at the least and disgusting to the sane world at large. The call should be for them to disband and to be held accountable and to face the consequences. There is enough evidence. Whatever 'law' it is that allows such despicable impure behaviour needs to be addressed at ROOT. Personally I see TryBUn^Ls as the only solution.

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Thankyou for keeping us updated on this. Each day the WHO reveals to us more of it's true nature which clearly has nothing to do with public health. Any government seriously considering ceding sovereignty over decision-making to the WHO is an enemy of it's own citizens.

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Well done.

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