Others are also looking at how ambulance call out data is at odds with the COVID narrative. Byram Bridle in Canada. Patrick E. Walsh and Oisin Page in Ireland:


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This is good info. Thank you

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Thank you greatly, Jessica, for your unrelenting uncovering of what for me is Bosch’s right panel of his triptych showing Health perverted to Hellth.

I recall in early 2020 viewing the few courageous nurses who blew the whistle on the enormity of this government mandated murder/manslaughter when the Hippocratic Oath was perverted into the Hypocritical Hype.

Get free, stay safe.

Btw, here is her video on YouTube, which surprises me, I did not think it would be permitted there:


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Yes, I’m familiar the with various nurse accounts, which are largely corroborated by the record.

However, most are (what I call) the “travel cadre” who arrived in the city in mid to late April -- after the peak of the death spike and outside the Black Box weeks of March and early April.

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Andrew Mather Peerless Reads YouTube was on it from the word go.


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Might Jessica be presumed upon to do a more pithy (say 20 minute) presentation of her evidence? The video is really interesting and revealing, but needs editing down to a punchy version with a lot less padding. This would reach a lot more people.

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The covid “virus” has never been isolat d from any source, anywhere in the world. Ref: Christine Massey.

There has never been a pandemic. Only of fear!

Evil belonging to the devil reigns.

Wake up sheep! It’s your country. Never those posing as serving politicians or anyone else like Schwab who openly says he is now God!

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Related analysis:

"In 2020, the CDC’s budget ballooned from $8 billion to roughly $46 billion, all in response to perceived Covid-19 mortality. How many deaths has Covid-19 caused? Causal analysis is always a tricky business,1 but pinpointing cause of death is notoriously error-prone,2 more so when a reported cause is used to solicit billions in funding. Indeed, the CDC emphasizes the funding connection twice on the first page of its 65-page death certificate handbook.3 In support of its remarkable budget increase, and claiming concern that death-certificate-based counts were under-counting Covid-19 deaths, in fall 2020, the CDC began estimating “excess” deaths as a proxy for Covid-19 deaths.

To be clear, the CDC’s estimate is not data. It is an estimate, which means it is one judgmental interpretation of data among multiple possible interpretations. Is the CDC’s estimate realistic? To find out, we will explore the CDC’s data and evaluate the model they used to make their estimate."

Home Depot, Hogwarts & Excess Deaths at the CDC, https://kschulzke.github.io/C19/CDC_C19_Excess19.nb.html.

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Jessica deserves so much credit for her unrelenting quest for the truth. She’s a warrior and a hero in my book. Someone I followed diligently throughout this mess. I especially appreciate her refusal to comply with nonsensical mask mandates. If only more people were as brave as she has been…

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Jessica did this presentation with Jay Couey a while ago; it's amazing what the numbers show. She has done remarkable work exposing the fraud. Our media is the virus!!

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