Public health has become public health bullies!

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I have always been concerned about abuse of power and authority.

Our legal system too has this problem where the power and authority is controlled through a monopoly.

Our current parliamentary system too has this problem where in fact the majority is not a majority. More people in South Africa do not vote in elections that those who do. This according to Dr. Michael Louis in the ICA Oral Submission to Parliament.

N O N - V O T E R S – 1 9 . 7 M I L L I O N

V O T E R S – 1 7 . 6 M I L L I O N

So the claim of a majority is fallacious. Besides that it is based on parties and not people. Our democracy is fake as is our legal system.

We have what is essentially Mob rule.

Now we need to consider the WHO and South Africa's involvement in the UN an unelected supranational and supporting political polices and treaties without asking the citizens of the country.

The same sleight of hand was used by a mob of prestidigitators calling themselves a legal entity and implementing an invoking the "Constitution" never requesting the consent of the citizens.

No referenda are held and this is a complete abuse of power.

The government is essentially riding rough shod over the country and is in fact treasonous.

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Excellent. As you may be aware, I received a reply from our CMO to my article "Why are we vaccinating babies?"

It was a restatement of existing policy.

I will send this statement of principles and their implementation to him.

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That all makes perfect sense but, sadly, you forgot to mention that it would need to be implemented by people who have spent the last few years strutting around shouting at people! I can't see any of them actually changing their behaviour or resigning "for the greater good" because they now have visible power and authority. From Dr Fauci and Tedros Thingy down to the health visitor who orders you to take your medicine "for your own good", these people in public health behave like authoritarians and are accepted as such by most of the public because they are experts, doctors, medical people who *know* what's good for us all. They were seen that way before the pandemic, they simply hadn't thought to lock us all up with masks over our faces before.

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Excellent and full of the common sense which seems to have. deserted our leaders.

There is no place, no place for the nudging, scapegoating, coercion, control creepery and corruption which have blighted our lives, ruined economies, sacrificed children, the young, the poor and the self employed since 2020.

No more vested interests buying influence and directing governments, no more lies , no more lockdowns and no more thinly disguised plans for digital overreach.

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Seems that public health has too much overreach, and public health is subjective, we are ALL adults and capable of making informed decisions.

This entity is a means of control and should be disbanded, it should NOT have any authority on us.

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Most excellent essay.

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This list, emitting sulphur fumes, omits the one most important aspect. Health is about individuals, and any public health concept shoukld be founded on that. All this "for the greater good stuff" is the ticket upon which fascism builds its evil empire - The WHO writ large.

Before we rebuild we need to demolish, and the WHO, the UN, the CDC, the FDA and the many criminals in governments and NGOs need to be recognised as such and punished. Murder has been done on a greater scale than most times in history. Let's face it and deal with it, ignoring these lying siren voices.

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