The silver lining is the acceleration of the development of 'parallel society' alternatives across the board. With destruction comes new beginnings. We live in a watershed moment in history.

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Well worth reading; more lies, surreptitious censorship, cancellations,ad hominem attacks and slurs,all contrived from a 'deniable' distance by HMG, with the recently enriched Hopeless Hancock taking an active role.

Truly, I am ashamed of what passes for policy in the giant asylum in which we seem to be trapped.

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Thank you Panda. Subscribed to your YouTube too!

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Jan 31, 2023Liked by PANDA

Anomie,free floating anxiety and loss of trust : who'd have guessed?

Prices soar,small businesses close,children and the young so egregiously sacrificed by our movers and shakers,are falling behind,dropping out of education and losing hope.

Our health services are in disarray and yet we are now being encouraged-nudged- to let byegones be byegones,while the purveyors of this disastrous strategy move on to the next big one.

Meanwhile our generously financed leaders are increasingly preoccupied with the ramifications of trans dogma and assuring us that the ill thought out rush to Net Zero will be for the best in the best of all possible worlds.

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The ‘permanent state of emergency’ (German: der permanente Ausnahmezustand) was one of the ideological tenets adopted by the Nazi regime. You can, if you will, go back even further in history and find that more often than not totalitarian rule is founded on some ‘real’ but exaggerated, or even completely imagined ‘crisis’ that needs a solution.

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