In the spring of 2020 I drove around and Looked at hospital emergency room entrances and parking lots. Most nearly empty and no lines or really many people in the tented areas at the entrances set up for triage.

Your question about the dead bodies in nyc is interesting. There should be funeral home and/ or cemetery records too.

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The death data is correct. You cant fake death records. This article somehow wants to question the data, rather than the reality of what happened in NY, CT, PA, NJ, MI, CA. These 6 states accounted for 50% of all Covid deaths. They all happened in this same timeframe (it wasn't just NY). They all sent infected patients into nursing homes and then basically killed them with Remdisivir and ventilators. This is not a data issue. Its a protocol that killed innocents, to create hysteria and justify the push for "vaccines" and lock downs.

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I've not read all the comments associated with this piece and so my apologies if anybody else has already raised what I am about to suggest.

If the data are indeed correct then :-

1) The numbers should be verifiable from the Death Certificates issued, and

2) The Funeral Directors in the city willl have see an increase in trade. More burials, more cremations.

If one, or other, or both of those have NOT occured, then the data must be fabricated - likely to just promote the notion that there was a 'pandemic' and it was causing these deaths, pushing folk to clamour for the life saving quack-cines.

If the above two conditions confirm the ivrease in mortality, then that is even more disturbing. Without an increase in admissions to hospital, or an increase in ER visits, it implies (as the article suggests) that folk already in the hospitals were dying from something, and since 'it' affected all age groups simultaneously then it can not have been 'ConVid' or anything else tha would have had a differing mortaility rate between age cohorts.

It's unpalatable to consider, but.... IF the data are correct, AND confirmed by (1) & (2) above, then we must consider that these people may have been murdered by the very service that was tasked with keeping them alive.

Was this NYC 2020 event a trial-run for a more widespread planned extermination, with 'covid deaths' as the cover story?

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Got to be fake data put out there as a scare tactic

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This is interesting...Jessica I've seen you in JJ Coueys livestream chats before...didn't realize the volume of effort in this matter until now.

Has anyone considered whether there are clues to the methods, scope and scale of potential manipulation that can be inferred from the event 201?? Wouldn't this level of manipulation have to modeled and planned? It couldn't be spontaneous.

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The death waves have been positively linked with 5G activation. NYC most definitely manipulated death counts. I have two friends quite high up in the NYC Fire Dept and EMS, both independently confirmed that the news was complete bullshit. Bodies piled up because bodies were not being taken from Elmhurst hospital. No other hospitals reported any of what came out of Elmhurst

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PANDA team, Can I repost the Hospital Activity graph with a minor modification to it?

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Causes of admission to hospitals were moved from one category to another. Where ever the excess death numbers came from, in another category they must be missing.

It's impossible to have a stroke, a heart attack or a broken bone without knowing it and going into a hospital because of convid. It has to be the other way around. So the primary diagnosis of convid, combined with a secondary diagnosis of something else much more severe, like surgical event, is utter nonsense. Those events are not diagnosed randomly. Never ever.

Are all numbers are related to offical citizens? Could it be that, while NYC offered medical assistence free of charge to everyone (to maximize the admissions and convid numbers incentively) that a huge number of unregistered citizens (so called illegales) flooded the hospitals? For many of them this could have been a first unique opportunity to have a medical care free of charge. In this case the numbers would have come from seemingly "nowhere".

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" What we do know is that the data that we have been able to obtain (whether from publicly available sources or by freedom of information requests) is incongruent with itself."

I missed this part the first read thru. This is a huge Red flag in the database world. it's to be expected that desperate (i.e. differencing) data sources won't normally fit together easily, they require clean up and re-working but data within it's own silo, it's own source, shouldn't be incongruent unless it's been tampered with and or it's been censored so you didn't get everything; like getting %70 of the pieces to a 1k piece puzzle. You can gain some things form what you could put together but the complete picture is still to missing.

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I made this post at the Brownstone Institute email group. (This article was picked up by Brownstone).

I hope everyone reads the article by Jessica Hackett and the Panda writers that questions how so many “Covid deaths” could suddenly happen in a few weeks in New York City. Mr. Spock would be impressed by the logic used to question the veracity of the “authorized narrative.”

The article shows that WHAT supposedly happened (a sudden spike in Covid deaths) could not have “plausibly” happened. It also gives readers a new perspective on ways this faux inflation of “Covid deaths” could have happened (the “How” question).

The authors didn’t have space to get into the question of WHY this occurred, but “why” is usually the best question. While it should matter how the massive inflation of “Covid deaths” happened, all that really matters is that everyone (who matters) came to believe that “Covid” caused this massive spike in deaths.

To me anyway, what this article really shows is that a massive conspiracy occurred (and is still occurring) to dramatically inflate the number of “Covid deaths.” There were dozens of ways this narrative was fraudulently created … followed by on-going cover-ups to conceal how this happened.

To me, the best “why answer” is that a lot of people and organizations clearly wanted to scare the living daylights out of the whole world so they could get mandatory mRNA vaccines. Absent huge spikes in excess deaths (most or all attributed to Covid) these people wouldn’t have gotten what they wanted.

I don’t think most people in healthcare or science wanted huge numbers of people to die, but the fact they got the fear reaction they wanted was probably fine with them.

So hundreds of thousands of people (millions?) went along with the questionable narrative that Covid was causing all these deaths. Significantly, nobody who matters is trying to prove that Covid DIDN'T cause most of these deaths. This, to me, proves that all the important truth-seeking organizations are captured and they don’t really care about exposing the truth or investigating other possible reasons for this spike in deaths.

Why would so many people be adamantly opposed to pursuing the truth?

... The "why question" is also the most disturbing question.

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Accordingly, we suggested a few possible alternatives, namely “iatrogenic harms, psychological effects, neglect, panic, ventilators and sedatives, and policies….”

That would be a great name for a new medical journal: "Iatrogenic Harms". On its flagship first edition, it could have on its cover a smiling Fauci in a lab coat.

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And, for what it’s worth, the “excess deaths” are still far above normal baseline figures pre-2020. My hunch is that the real number of “excess deaths” is somehow still being undercounted via various statistical or reporting mechanisms.

Excess deaths were THE “story” for the first two years of the official pandemic … but now the continued existence of surplus deaths is strangely NOT a story (at least for the mainstream press and our “truth-seeking” official organizations.)


In a recent article, I argue that the “excess deaths” HAD to happen. Without them, we would not have had a “plausible” reason to lockdown society and then compel everyone to get an experimental “vaccine.” In other words, “no excess deaths” = “no New Normal” (a New Normal necessitated by a super contagious, super DEADLY respiratory virus).

It should go without saying that the massive, unprecedented spike in deaths in New York City helped produce the requisite fear/panic narrative that gave us all the madness and unnecessary misery that followed.

I’m grateful a few smart people are highlighting all the logical head-scratchers about these alleged "Covid deaths."


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Fantastic work. Everything we have been told by the experts and public health organizations is "implausible." The data from New York City takes the Implausibility Prize.

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I'm a bit confused. Are you saying it's highly unlikely this amount of people actually died in New York in that time frame? As in, the authorities faked the statistics. If that was the case, what do the city undertakers have to say? And are there actual death certificates for this number of people? If this amount of people all died suddenly and then it all went back pretty much to normal, how did they die? Did the authorities bump them off?

For what it's worth, I don't believe at all that a respiratory infection suddenly appeared, killed a load of people immediately and then vanished so I do think the death spike is suspicious but I'm just a pleb with no skills so I'm just admitting that I'm suspicious of the narrative.

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