Same goes for 9/11

- 16 years of deafening silencing of the ONLY independent forensic study on WHAT happened on September 11, 2001.

Unfortunately Piers has aligned himself with the wrong institution, called "International Center for 9/11 Justice"

Give this a listen: https://odysee.com/@911revisited:7/6.-QuiTam-and-Censorship:f

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Watching those 3 interviews and wondering what has happened to the world. It's weird the way the western govts were clearly becoming more controlling and totalitarian in their behave over the last few decades but we all sort of ignored it. Looking back and thinking about it, this silencing and suppressing was just where it was going to go once the technology allowed it. Govts can't control us if we don't use the technology can they? Not in the same way. Not unless they put soldiers out there to shoot us. None of this would be possible without the technology - the internet banking, the social media, the online publishing. Maybe we have to get rid of it all?

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I'm looking so forward to this series. One suggestion? Could you run one that focuses on the way everyday people with no significant "public-facing" identity experienced intellectual suppression in the context of the intimate relationships of marriage, family and friendship groups? Perhaps make a call to the public for written communications between everyday people which reflect this dynamic?

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I think that's a great idea. We intend to include people who have been injured from the injections but the suggestion you make is a good one. can you email me at piers.robinson@pandata.org? regards Piers

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Nov 4, 2022Liked by Nick Hudson, Dr Piers Robinson, PANDA

Piers/Nick/Panda, Fight the good fight! Never ever give in to bed-wetting nincompoops. We will prevail.

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Thank you PANDA & Piers Robinson.

Something not right? Indeed.

The whole shebang is EVIL & all of the totalitarians should be arrested, & tried for Crimes Against Humanity. With the further charge of a pre planned, pre meditated GENOCIDE.

(I've instructed my legal advisors & accountants, to check up on the amount of royalties I'm owed from all of the perpetrators involved for infringing my copyright.

DisMisInfoGanda HQ! DisMisInfoGanda© Andy Bunting 2022.)

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