An uneducated populace is the greatest enemy of democracy. With TNI(The Trusted News initiative) people were all watching the same script being read. Press releases from the fully corrupt CDC were blindly parroted by News Anchors from all networks and political persuasions, and the unthinking mass of humanity never questioned the narrative. Control of media has created a childishly naive adult american population. They really believed they were saving grandma by taking experimental mRNA injections and impairing their breathing with masks.

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Start by refusing to be part of the QR code. Don't allow technology to rule you.

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A great read. I’ve learned to appreciate my sub stack writers. There’s a few people (maybe 20%) who are still awake, truly ALIVE! The rest are complete automaton’s with dead souls. It’s daunting but we can’t give up on these sheeple. I’m trying really hard to be compassionate and PRAY like I’ve never prayed before. Humanity has been through hell before and I have to believe we can get through it again. Going it alone is a fatal mistake

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Thank you Panda.

Stopping & thinking long & hard. I realised that all of the initialed entities are actually the tentacles of one evil. That evil is 1world government domination. Then 1 massive aspect dawned on me.

Every single one of the self proclaimed power elite. The billionaires. All Male. Remember that fact well.

Our ancestors way back were 100% dependent on being acutely aware of their surroundings. That awareness developed into respect for nature. Respect for life. Respect for one another. Take that respect to the next higher level of a developing intellect. Religious faith developed. That faith venerated Mother Earth. The deity was Female. Remember that fact well. The only hope for humanity going forwards it to relearn from our ancestors. Restore the Female Earth Mother to our spirituality.

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The so called elites are determined to homogenise us- boundaries breached and dismissed as obsolete: open borders, national civic boundaries, behavioural norms, transgenderism,the encroaching sexualisation of the very young, with its attendant dangers- airily dismissed by those who should know better, the spread of cosmetic adjustments to faces and bodies, such that they appear both distorted and blandly similar, the endless nudging and soundbites delivered by shallow opportunists.

The crushing of lives, livelihoods, abandonment of economic and fiscal sanity,coupled with the egregious falsehoods peddled by the lockdown purveyors.

The endlessly tiresome demands of the ever expanding list of oppressed minorities, the loss of humour, of debate, dissent and articulate writing.

Emotional incontinence, conspicuous compassion combined with increasing censorship and induced dependency.

Staying safe has turned much of humanity into a compliant herd, anxious and apathetic.

Thank goodness for Substack and its defiant calls for freedom.

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"We live in a technological dark age." (1972) Professor Gian-Carlo Rota during dinner conversation. We need neither position ourselves as Luddites or altar worshippers. But given humanity's record of madness, ecocide & genocide, perhaps Albert Jay Nock's observations on the Amish can provide us a model for a life based on love without priests or politicians.

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