Excellent and concise explanation of the data they wanted to hide regarding pregnancies, many thanks

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Thanks Panda. Still the injections are being used. WHY?

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If they were just going to use the rates of rats from previous studies, what was the purpose of having a control group? I don't get it.

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Is that a version number in "BNT162b2 (V9)"? I want to know more about those.

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May 17, 2023·edited May 17, 2023

The "Gold Standard of Testing" strikes again.

Wonder why this and other recent PANDA articles (Diamond Princess, 14 million lives) are not getting more traffic/likes.

Maybe a writer with a big following could cross-post? Any volunteers?

Thank you, PANDA Uncut, for the astute and well articulated analysis. I almost feel like these recent PANDA articles might be sharable with (some) pro-vaccine people -- and that's saying a lot. When I decided not to get the jab a couple years ago, I got such pushback from friends and family that I made a part time job out of searching for sober, unemotional articles about the issues. Never found any... once people know what's going on, they tend to get emotional and preach to the choir. But on the bright side, I learned an awful lot about the COVID jabs, other vaxxes, regulatory capture, big pharma, biology, bio-weapons programs, and even COVID.

I also came to know of many good, intelligent people who stick out their necks for their fellow human beings, in spite of the personal costs. So thanks again.

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Current Australian Government recommendations:

"COVID-19 vaccines are safe during pregnancy"

"The preferred vaccine in pregnancy is Pfizer original formulation."

"COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy may provide temporary protection to babies by transferring antibodies through the placenta"

"If you are pregnant and unvaccinated, you are recommended to have a COVID-19 vaccine

at any stage of pregnancy"

"Recommendations for booster doses if you are pregnant are the same as for non-pregnant

people of the same age"

These and other ill-informed statements are on the government's website right now.

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lol, preferred jab is pfizer's original so your healthy cells will now make a toxic spike protein fir an EXTINCT virus...

i guess you have to give them credit for not pushing the bi-valent jab...tested on 8 mice, all of whom still got a covid infection and were swiftly euthanized before any long term consequences were discovered. credit where it is due - LOL

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The plot thickens. Thicker than the blood of the recently boosted.

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You did not point out that none of the male rats which impregnated the females, maybe just one required, like a stud? got jabbed. So no study on male fertility. However, post vaccination, human males had much lower sperm counts up to 2 months.

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